love in ultimation

At a dark corner of an confined barn sat a man, frailed and rotted, whose face had long melted into a somber countenance characterized with glaring eyes that plotted only malice. As if a fly that readies to taste its food while it rapidly rubs together its needle-sharp hands. Whatever remaining love he possessed for those that went on about their lives so contently─those that had been fortunate enough to be able to unjustifiably commingle as an ignorant mass, oblivious of the pain occurring to him, and of all that occurring before him─had surely been subsumed by a compellingly morbid yet practically vain passion to inflict pain on all those that wronged him.

What once was a serene purl of worldly contentedness and inner peace that embodied the nature of his sanity, had now rushed into raging, and raging, and raging waterfalls that struck heavily down on Earth with jaw-gripping wrath, where forgiveness and all that is love and all that is beauty has become completely alien.

And it was at this very moment that his life had already ended, as life becomes obsolete when love is muted.

He looked to his kin huddling together on the ground in same-rooted anger, yet tirelessly, perseveringly, whispered vespers with comically foolish hope in their collective darkness, during the only time of day where the root of cruelty sleeps, as death is merely one of nature’s coquettes playing its trivial games.

All that he believed to be good only dissembled validity─nature knows no good or bad. Nature is, and does what it does. It never actually considered his significance─significance!, he concluded in his state of enlightened agony, is only created!

How laughable humans are. How laughable my life is. We are nothing, and I am nothing. Utterly and ultimately nothing. He sat isolated in the shadowed corner, with breathing that grew increasingly heated─a boiling cauldron almost overbrimming with such inevitable frustration impossible to quell.

Death is nothing───it was as if in this moment that he had transcended his humanity, as he had soon broken his tense silence with a barbaric bellow that rang throughout the dimmed barn, grabbing the horseshoe laying on the ground beside him to chuck it at one of the armed guards. Alas, although he had begun running with all his debilitated might towards the other, his desperate screams were only silenced by loud rapid gunshots. Like an idiot rat in roadkill. And the car went on with its tasks, as if it had only experienced a piddling bump on the road.


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