I’ve decided that I will be dedicating the rest of my life to studying psychology, namely personality psychology (not exclusively, of course). Personality psychology is the book through which I will come to understand the Cosmos. Humanity, after all, is the most accessible and therefore arguably the easiest subject to understand, and yet it is the hardest to understand. Understanding humanity requires layers and layers of historical knowledge, of cultural evolution, biological evolution, and behavior patterns–ultimately: archetypes! Consciousness and personality are a result of the dynamic interactions of the archetypes which have bided by us since our beginning–really, the beginning of existence itself. Psychological study is not simply a study of humanities. It is not merely an observation of how humans–personalities–interact with each other. It is not an exclusively practical study which have findings dedicated to practical applications. It is very much so philosophical and religious. Through understanding the self, we are able to understand the Cosmos, the inner infinite. Psychology is the inward reflection that is the key to outward comprehension.


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