Life is weird. You never know when you needed something until it happens to you.

Music has only sounded like gaudy noises lately. Today it sounded like living again.

I never realized how much more comfortable with myself I’ve become around females these days. I used to fear being around females so often–a fear I would guise with self-righteous narcissism and label as an inherent and fatalistic incompatibility in our natures. For the past few months, however, I’ve learned to be much more open with myself with people in general. Because of that I’ve been more able to talk to females, both relating to and reciprocating with them throughout our interactions. Rather than fearing them, regarding them as competition because of that fear, I’m growing to more fully appreciate their world-views and opinions. It seems that in my interactions with females (female-to-female interactions), true reciprocation results from being able reciprocate experiences and emotions. With males, I think the interaction is something more of a game of social flirtation (which may, may not, or partly be inherently sexual, depending on subjective opinion; i.e. depending on the gravity of Freud’s influence on the opinion), where topics that are interchanged must possess a novel value in order to be worthwhile. This might be due to the inherently polarizing attitudes by which both sexes view the same experiences.¹ As living archetypes, that of the female and male necessarily possess such different perspectives on any single topic that it is impossible to relate to one another; attraction towards each other depends much less on sharing rather than on giving.²

¹Is sex an attitude or a function of personality?
²Relating to each other rather than presenting novel experiences.



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